Our mission

“To maximise the Hegge 2030 business model focusing on our employees, flexibility in terms of time and capability, quality, efficiency and to maintain the family character.”

Our vision

Inspirational people create a diverse range of (metal) products using the best available techniques in a sustainable manner, with and for our partners. Good productivity enables us to continue to build a financially sound and robust company.

  • People: a pleasant and safe working environment where people are inspired to be the best they can.
  • Partners: a successful network of suppliers, customers and partners enable us to continuously create added value together.
  • Products: a diverse range of quality products.
  • Sustainable: making a difference by conducting our business in a socially responsible manner.
  • Productivity: investing in an effective, professional and flexible organisation that can respond quickly to new developments.
  • Financially sound: achieving profitable growth.
Team Hegge

Our values

We show the same respect for our loyal employees as for our customers. This means we give everyone the chance to develop their personal talents, and we continuously evaluate our internal processes and products together. After all, we believe the best results are achieved by bundling our strengths in a rewarding co-creation.


  • Everyone is important.
  • Together we are stronger.


  • Whatever we do, we do it well.


  • It’s not the strongest who survives, but the one who is able to adapt the best.

We are a family:

  • Everyone’s opinion is valuable.
  • We respect each other’s views and ‘who we are’.


  • Right first time.
  • All processes have the potential for improvement.
  • Together, we can solve anything.

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