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Since 1893, Hegge has been your reliable B2B partner for customised metal processing, façade construction for non-residential buildings and quality aluminium splash guards for trucks and trailers. A range of metalworking products, each one produced with high-quality materials and an excellent finish, that’s our trademark.

Our Hegge family
is growing

Our Handy Heggers are united by their craftsmanship, a passion for metal and a thirst for innovation, research and development. Hegge is one big family of more than 150 members, in which respect for each other, for everyone’s individuality and uniqueness, is key. Hegge is one team and we can only achieve our goals together.

Our Hegge family is growing
Hegge Group, a Belgian family-run business for more than 125 years

+130 years of knowledge
& expertise

For four generations, Hegge has been a supplier of diverse high-quality metal processing services. We are proud to say that the sector no longer holds any secrets for us. Thanks to our in-depth expertise, versatile range and experienced team, we are the permanent partner of numerous industrialists and companies, who can always count on our flexible and efficient approach.

What does Hegge stand for?

  • Quality


    At Hegge, quality is guaranteed. Thanks to our many years of national and international experience in the industry, as well as our in-depth expert knowledge, we know perfectly well how to create a sound product that meets all your needs. You can count on our professional, efficient and friendly approach at all times.

  • Flexibility


    Our aim is to optimally unburden you, so we are always as flexible as possible. We take a solution-oriented approach and effortlessly adapt to the specific requirements of your project. We distinguish ourselves through our versatility and enthusiasm.

  • Innovation


    Every day, we consciously strive to improve ourselves, our internal processes and our products. We are always on the lookout for innovative angles and closely monitor developments in the industry, to deliver the best end results time and time again.

  • Commitment


    Whatever your personal project entails, at Hegge our commitment is plain to see. We jointly reflect with you on your plans, needs and requirements. After all, this is the only way we can deliver a product that satisfies you 100%, and that’s our ultimate objective.

  • Sustainability


    In our processes we are extremely mindful of sustainability and ecologically responsible choices. But sustainability and mutual trust are also vitally important in our relationships with employees, shareholders and customers. We are your long-term, reliable partner.

  • High-quality finish

    High-quality finish

    Because we want the absolute best for our customers, we exclusively offer products with a high-quality finish. That’s our guarantee to you. What’s more, we use only first-class, durable materials, which you can trust implicitly.

Team of specialists

Honest & passionate
team of specialists

The great affinity we have with our profession is evident in our personal commitment and friendly service. Day by day, we build lasting relationships with each of our customers, employees and shareholders, based on honesty and mutual trust.

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