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In 1893, Andries Hegge, great-grandfather of the current alloy directors, established a smithy in the centre of Hamont. He operated as the typical village blacksmith of the time. “Shoeing” horses and manufacturing and repairing agricultural tools were his main activities.


Around 1928, three sons of Andries Hegge established a hardware store. Buying iron from the steel mills and selling it to local consumers was their activity. There was also a shop with a hardware shop on Hamont’s market square. The house with shop was later restored and is now called the “house Hegge”.

Adriaan Hegge continues as blacksmith

Adriaan Hegge continues as a blacksmith, continuing his father’s tradition. He expanded his forge from a forge for agricultural tools, horse hooves, etc., to a workshop where cavity hooks, hay rakes, etc. were produced. He also had a plant for chroming metals and traded in agricultural machinery and (Leuven) stoves. His wife ran a shop selling hardware and household goods.

Marc and Luc Hegge take over the torch

From 01 October 1999, Marc and Luc, two of Gerard’s sons, took over the torch through their investment company Hegge Invest NV. Both are responsible for general management. Luc is responsible for production. Marc, on the other hand, is responsible for sales, purchasing, personnel, infrastructure and IT. Production is divided between two independent companies, being Hegge NV and Hegge Toelevering NV. Hegge NV produces and installs aluminium windows, doors, façade walls and domes. The market in which we operate is utility, office and industrial buildings. Hegge Toelevering NV is active in metal processing. It is divided into 5 departments, being: – Sheet processing (laser cutting, punching, bending and cutting) – Small construction (TIG, MIG and MAG welding, robotic welding, bending of profiles) – Production of aluminium splash screens – Pressing works (mechanical and hydraulic up to 5,000 kN pressing force) – Powder coating

Aluwing NV

Aluwing NV is established as a subsidiary of Hegge Invest NV and organises the sale of the aluminium mudguards.

Celebrating 125 years of Hegge

On Friday 26 October 2018, Hegge celebrated its 125th anniversary together with customers, suppliers and other relations. Saturday 27 October 2018 in the afternoon, several proud employees showed what goes on in the buildings, both in Bosstraat and on Military Dike. All employees were invited, along with their families, for an extended company visit. In the evening, a big party was organised for all employees with their partners and the Hegge family. The theme of the party was talent. Several employees therefore enjoyed showing and hearing their musical talents.

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New home of Hegge Façade construction

Hegge is buying the buildings of AB Tribunes NV on the Militaire Dijk in Hamont. After the conversion works, this will become the new home of Façade construction. The move is scheduled for January 2018.

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