New headquarters for metal joinery

Hegge purchased the buildings of AB Tribunes NV at the Militaire Dijk in Hamont. After the renovation work is completed, this will be the new headquarters for Metal Joinery. The move is scheduled for January 2018.

Takeover of the activities of Rupp Industrievertretungen GmbH

The operations of Rupp Industrievertretungen GmbH, relating to the sale of aluminium mudguards in Germany and Austria, were taken over on 1 January 2017.

Commissioning, training, seminar, and reception rooms

One of the two former director’s residences was converted into a training, seminar, and reception room. This has resulted in more opportunities to provide additional training to employees, to offer training courses, and to receive guests in a pleasant environment.

Qualicoat Seaside – label

The Qualicoat Seaside label was obtained in December 2015. Hegge has been operating in the powder coating business for 40 years. High-quality powder coating has been a focus of attention within the organisation from the very beginning. This label was awarded after intensive audits and inspections.

ISO / TS 16949

The award of the ISO/TS 16949 certificate further underlines the focus that Hegge Toelevering NV has on quality, delivery reliability, and continuous improvement. The quality team was expanded with one extra employee.

New building for logistics services

A new building of 1,200 m² was commissioned in July 2008. This building houses the logistics services. All completed orders are stored here until they are picked up by the customer or are delivered by our own freight transport. At present, there are 90 permanent employees employed in Hegge NV, Hegge Toelevering NV, and Hegge Invest NV. The workforce is regularly supplemented with temp workers.

New powder coating installation in a new production hall

Hegge Toelevering NV also exclusively engages in business to business operations. The workforce has continuously expanded in the course of the years. A new production hall of 2,600 m² with communal spaces was commissioned in January 2007. A brand-new powder coating installation was installed here with fully automated pre-treatment and powder coating robots. State-of-the-art techniques were deployed in order to improve quality and increase productivity.

Marc and Luc Hegge took over the affairs of the company.

From 1 October 1999, Marc and Luc, Gerard’s two sons, took over the affairs of the company via their investment company Hegge Invest NV. Both are responsible for general policy. Luc is responsible for production. Marc, on the other hand, is responsible for sales, purchase, personnel, infrastructure and IT. Production is distributed over two independent companies, namely Hegge NV and Hegge Toelevering NV. Hegge NV manufactures and installs steel and aluminium windows, doors, facades and domes. The market in which we operate are the utility, office and the commercial buildings sector. Hegge Toelevering NV is active in metal processing. It is sub-divided into 5 departments, namely: • Sheet metal processing (laser cutting, punching, folding and cutting), • Small construction (TIG, MIG and MAG welding, robot welding, bending of profiles), • Production of aluminium mudguards, • Pressworks (mechanical and hydraulic up to 5,000 kN pressing force), • Powder coating

ISO 9001

As a supplier, delivery reliability is extremely important. Delivery reliability is part of Hegge’s DNA! In order to underline this, steps were taken in 1994 to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

Strong growth of the subcontracting business unit

Since 1993, the subcontracting business unit has experienced a sharp rise in growth. As regards sheet metal processing, a lot of investment was made in ultramodern machines. The Metal Joinery business unit is increasingly on the lookout for projects with a higher value addition.

Establishment of Hegge Toelevering NV

Hegge Toelevering NV was established in 1988. Not only had the offices become too small, but the workshops were also no longer spacious enough. A few years previously, the company had seized the opportunity to purchase an adjacent plot of land on which a workshop of 4,200 m² with 600 m² offices was constructed. These buildings were inaugurated in December 1989 during the annual staff party in the presence of various prominent customers and suppliers – and our personnel of course. Around this period, BVBA Hegge was converted into Hegge NV. Hamopers PVBA, which was founded in 1982, was at that time converted into Hegge Beheer NV, which also became the parent company.

Establishment of PVBA Hegge

PVBA Hegge was founded in 1975, and was later converted into a BVBA. In addition, an additional 1,200 m² was constructed for the first time. A few years later, the next 1,200 m² was added. Soon thereafter, the next extension of the workshop followed. The activities were constantly expanded further. Hegge was one of the first companies in the region to install a muffle furnace for powder coating. This installation was extended just a few years later with pre-treatment baths for aluminium and steel.

The commencement of production of steel and aluminium joinery work.

The high level of motivation of the two brothers became clear in 1970 with the commencement of steel and aluminium joinery work. At that time, this was done in the old workshop at the Burg.

New location

In the early 1960s, two of the five sons, André and Gerard, had already become active in the smithy, and on 1 January 1962, they took it over from their father. Due to the enormous enthusiasm of both the brothers, the workplace in the walled city soon became too small and the search for a new location was started, and these efforts were quickly rewarded A hall of 1,200 m² was initially constructed. At that time, the main activities primarily consisted of turning and milling, bending profiles, making manholes and fabricating all types of structures. Trading in agricultural machinery was gradually phased out.

Adriaan Hegge continued operations as a blacksmith

Adriaan Hegge continued to work as a blacksmith, and therefore carried forward his father’s tradition. He constructed his smithy from an existing smithy for agricultural machinery, horse hooves, etc. into a workshop where cavity anchors with hook, hay rakes, etc. were manufactured. He also had a facility for chrome plating of metals and he traded in agricultural machinery and (Leuven) stoves. His wife had a shop in iron and household goods.

Hardware store

Around 1928, the three sons of Andries Hegge set up their own hardware store. Their activity consisting of purchasing iron from steel mills and sale of the same to local consumers. There was also a shop with trade in hardware on the market square in Hamont. The house with shop was later restored and is now called the “Hegge house”.


In 1893, Andries Hegge, the great-grandfather of the current managing directors, founded a smithy in the centre of Hamont. He operated as the typical village blacksmith of that era. The “shoeing” of horses and the manufacture and repair of agricultural machinery were his main activities.