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Metal processing in the broadest sense is probably the shortest but most comprehensive description of the activities that Hegge can offer.

Metal processing has been a passion of Hegge’s, and its shareholders and employees, since 1893. Quality, flexibility, honesty, commitment, efficiency, and good results are the core values of our company.

Hegge strives to offer its customers the widest possible range of metalworking and façade closures in an efficient and durable manner, in an environment in which employees feel at home, can develop themselves, and where shareholders strive to achieve profitable and consistent growth.

Our employees are at their best in a team in which they are able to develop initiatives, and in which existing and new techniques can be used together (or blended into each other).

The friendly, collegial atmosphere encourages them to acquire various skills and to always be there to provide support for their colleagues wherever necessary.

We offer you a wide range of metalworking:

  • Metal joinery: production, delivery and installation of aluminium windows, doors, façades (curtain walls), domes, wall coverings, etc.
  • Subcontracting: laser cutting, punching, edging, folding, bending, cutting, TIG welding, MAG welding, MIG welding, robot welding, spot welding, hydraulic presswork, mechanical presswork, sawing, drilling, tapping, powder coating.
  • Mudguards: production of aluminium mudguards from diamond plates. With or without accessories such as suspension brackets, rubber sides, etc.


Hegge has been active in the metalworking industry for over 4 generations. We know with certainty that Andries Hegge, grandfather of André and Gerard, was already a blacksmith in Hamont in 1893.

Andries Hegge shoed horses, manufactured and repaired agricultural machinery, etc. He was, in short, the prototype of the village blacksmith of the time.

In the 1930s, three of his sons started a hardware store in Hamont, in what is now called Hegge House.

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